Combatting the Sunday Scaries

Tomorrow is MONDAY! Are you ready? As we discussed last week, Mondays matter! But…how can you make sure you aren’t starting the week off in funk? Do the Sunday Scaries get you each week?

I have been a stay-at-home mom, a part-time working mom, a full-time working mom and am now a work-from-home mom and in every scenario, I have found that preparation is key! Here are a few ways I try to start my week of stress free:

  • Meal. Prep. This is my number one saving grace. I do things a little differently than most. Rather than planning and then grocery shopping, I hit the store first. I look for what is on sale and then write a meal plan AS SOON as I get home. That is the key–while it is still on the counters, I commit to a plan and make sure I have everything I need. This saves me money, challenges me to try new things based what I have and ensures I am not hitting the drive-thru midweek (ok, not most weeks haha).
We aren’t this together, but I do plan dinners that can serve as the next day’s lunch.
  • Teach them to fend for themselves. And by them, I mean your husband and your children. I used to find the most stressful part of my morning was prepping breakfast and making sure everyone had nice clothes ready to go (and in my husband’s case, ironed). Then one day, I just decided they could feed and clothe themselves. My eight year old has mastered toasting a bagel, pouring cereal or making oatmeal. We don’t need to be any fancier than that on a weekday. My husband ditched his button downs for a rainbow array of polos that don’t need to be ironed. No one has gone naked or hungry since. It really is revolutionary. DELEGATE!
Real talk: sometimes its Lucky Charms. #pickyourbattles
  • Sync your calendars. If you’re anything like us, every day is filled to the brim, it seems. We usually do a quick check-in with one another on Sunday evening. Remind one another what you have going on, who needs to be where, and what you have to bring. We even go so far as to put each other’s events in our own calendars–this way, I am not scheduling a double date when my husband has scheduled to work late.
  • Clean. I know, I know. Sunday is a day of rest and we do try to make space for some lounging–but I find that my mood is greatly elevated on Monday (or really, any) morning when I wake to a clean kitchen and a tidy living room. A since of order sets the tone for the week and I find it really important for my mental state.
Not my kitchen but ahhhh, so fresh and ready for the week!
  • Make Plans! I know, we are all. so. busy. (see number #3) but I love having something to look forward to. So, I will typically try to plan at least one fun outing or event for the week. Sometimes it requires a lot of effort like a trip to a hockey game (did you catch our Instastories this weekend?) but sometimes its as simple as checking the weather and planning to walk the greenway on a nice day. Regardless, it reminds me that the week ahead isn’t just work, work, work. This week I am looking ahead to date night with my husband to celebrate our wedding anniversary–our PlatinumSitter is booked!
Date nights won’t plan themselves! Make it happen!

I would love to hear how you prepare for a successful week. Tell me in the comments! And HAPPY SUNDAY! I hope you have a joyful Monday.

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