It’s like The Bachelor…

…only instead of roses, you’re likely to get handed a fistful of crayons.

We take matchmaking pretty seriously around here. Have you seen What’s Up Moms parody video, The Babysitter? It’s a hilarious take on how hard it is to meet a sitter who fits in with your family–something we definitely understand!

When you need a date night yourself.

Recently, we were able to match one of our sitters with a great family who needed full-time help. They had only had one sitter prior to using us and were understandably nervous: they had built a repoire with someone and had established routines. Actually, it does sound quite a bit like a dating scenario right? Wondering if they’re going to judge your messy bathroom, anticipating the payment scenario at the end, the awkward wondering, “Did they like me too?”

When that relationship ends and you have obligations that require reliable childcare, it can be super anxiety-inducing–but it doesn’t have to be! After explaining the process, I was able to send over a few profiles for Mom to review. She was able to see their picture and read a little about them and even reach out for a phone call.

Once interviews were conducted and a final decision was made–you’d think we were done, right? Not quite! As you well know, a good relationship takes time to foster and there are often hiccups along the way that can’t be anticipated at the onset. This is where I came in as community manager.

Happy Sitter, Happy kids….Happy Family!

Mom hadn’t thought of how to handle vacations and routines. The sitter was still working on communication and really wanted to build trust to take the kids on outings. We helped facilitate these conversations, to suggest things that have historically worked well for families, and to make sure both parties remained happy as the relationship grew.

While PlatinumSitters does specialize in on-demand services, we also know how important consistency and trust are in the parent/babysitter dynamic. That is why having Community Managers to help along the way can be super beneficial! Even with short-term or one-time arrangements, we can help you feel at ease and find someone to take great care of your kids!

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