How She Does It: Stephanie Keefer

We thought it would be fun to start featuring some of our clients to show not only how they fit PlatinumSitters into their daily lives but also how they balance day-to-day life as it is.

Who better to start with than our own CEO, Stephanie Keefer? I sat down to interview her and loved her perspective on parenting.


Stephanie Keefer

Owner and CEO of PlatinumSitters

Children: Jack, 8 and Sam, 5

Uses PlatinumSitters: Weekly

Your kids are 8 & 5. What has been your favorite parenting stage so far? 

With Jack, my favorite stage has been his baby stage. He was such an easy baby! He slept 12 hours a day and 14 hour at night… wait, does that add up to 24? My point is, he slept A LOT, he ate well, and was super happy. I was lucky! We love Sam, but she was not an easy baby. However, she has really come into herself this year and we LOVE her newly found voice and personality. We knew she was always spunky, but being able to communicate that to us without reservation makes my husband and I laugh. We chuckle every time she bosses around her older brother, friends, dog…dolls… She is funny, kind, caring…and has the most genuine heart a mom could ask for. Both my children do. 

What is your biggest struggle in terms of finding balance?

Balance? What’s that? I’ve always been a structured person. Those sleep training books? Yep, followed them to a T! What I have realize though, is that sometimes we have to ride the wave that is given to us and not fight the current. For example, my husband is a GREAT father but he has an extremely demanding job and travels extensively. We are lucky that I have the flexibility to step in and fill in the slots. It wasn’t always that way. We fought for years, going back and forth over who would fold the weekly laundry (since I did most of the chores) or who would pay the bills. In the end, we figured out each others strengths and weaknesses and I recognize that I may have to do all of the household chores, but he’s great at yard work and helping the kids over Skype.

How has PlatinumSitters helped you in that pursuit of balance?

Piggy backing off of the previous question, when I recognized what my strengths and weaknesses were, I quickly realized that I needed HELP. Often times because we are so busy as moms, employees, chauffeurs, accountants… the list goes on, we can’t really grasp what we need help with. Knowing what your weaknesses are or in my case, what I hated doing every day, gave me clear direction as to what I needed. I hate “putting things away”. (i.e. laundry, dishes, toys). I knew whom ever I hired would need to be clean, organized and would love putting our children’s laundry away (or at least not mind it). Having our PlatinumSitter come 2-3 afternoons a week to unload the dishwasher and do laundry made me feel lighter. It made me feel like I could spend more time doing what I love to do– which is cook dinner every night! That made me happier. I still had a thousand of things to do, but just taking a few tasks off from my plate helped me. So, hire a sitter and go do what you love to do or hire a sitter to have them do some of those things you hate doing.. either way you will feel a lot better, less stressed and definitely happier!

What would you go back and tell yourself as a first time mom?

Raise your children and run your family how you see fit. Make it happen. Take charge of your life as a mother and create the family you have always wanted and dreamed of. You only get once chance so don’t let it pass you by.

Quick! You have two hours of kid-free time…what are you going to do?

Netflix and chill with my favorite bottle of wine and my favorite person, my husband. 🙂

Thank you to Stephanie for taking the time to chat with me! Now we not how she does it! Tell me something in the comments that makes your life easier as you balance work, motherhood and everything else. Happy Friday!

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