How She Does It: Jennifer McLamb

This week’s installment of How She Does It features my right-hand woman, Jennifer! I am lucky enough to have known her long enough to watch her go from college student to newlywed to amazing mama. I am amazed at how she does it all!

Jennifer McLamb

Sitter Recruiter for the Charlotte Team of PlatinumSitters

Licensed Realtor in NC/SC
Mom to Mitchell, age 1

Married to John

Uses PlatinumSitters: Monthly

Your baby is almost one! How are you feeling as you round out this first year?

Getting through the first year is a huge accomplishment! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, we are on a great routine and get to enjoy lots of fun activities together! 

You and your husband, John, were together for awhile before welcoming Mitchell. How would you say baby has changed your marriage–both good and bad?

 Going from just a dog and a cat to a BABY, dog and cat has been an adjustment, but a great one! John and I still try and have date night as much as possible – I feel that it is very important to remember what brought us together in the first place! 

What is your biggest struggle in terms of finding balance?

When Mitchell naps I try and be super mom and get all my chores off of my to-do list! Laundry, cleaning, groceries, work –  Ultimately that is not always possible but I try and use those times to my advantage so that I can spend time with him the rest of the day! Luckily my job is flexible and allows me the freedom to work when/where I can! 

How has PlatinumSitters helped you in that pursuit?

Platinumsitters has really made it easy for us to have an accountable sitter that we can depend on, should the need arise for a last minute appointment or date night! Its a great feeling as a first time mom to not worry about who is with Mitchell while we are gone, I can fully trust that they have been vetted and background checked. We have used several sitters so we can get to know them in case one is not available! 

What would you go back and tell yourself during the first month of motherhood?

Give yourself time and grace. They dont send you home from the hospital with an instruction manual unfortunately. The whole process of motherhood is a learning curve, especially for me! I read a number of books before Mitchell was born but you have to figure out what works for you and your family and you just make it work! 

Quick! You have two hours of kid-free time…what are you going to do?

Target Run and Grocery shopping all by myself! 

Thank you to Jennifer for taking the time to chat with me! Now we know how she does it! Tell me something in the comments that makes your life easier as you balance work, motherhood and everything else. Happy Monday!

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