It’s Cold! Need an indoor activity?

Paper Plate Snowflakes- via i heartcraftythings


-Snowflake paper plates (We purchased ours at Target.)

-Push pin

-Steel yarn needle (these don’t have a sharp of a tip as normal needles.)




Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 8.20.38 AM


  1. Start by using your push pin to poke holes in all the end points and intersecting points of the snowflake on your paper plate. See picture below. We have found the best way to do this is to place our paper plate on the carpet and then poke the holes. This way the push pin easily goes through the paper plate and you don’t have to worry about the pin scratching or hurting the surface below. (NOTE: if you can’t find these paper plates simply draw a snowflake patter on the front of a regular paper plate.)

Or better yet– let the sitter do it! Our sitters love to craft and engage in fun activities with the kids.

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