5 Free Ways to Treat your Valentine

Valentines Day doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are five easy ways to show your love. 

Charming boy posing with heart

1. A totally unsolicited compliment

Go beyond “You look nice”. Be detailed and better yet, put it in writing. Describe the ways your significant other keeps your household running, reminisce on what you made you fall in love, take note of something they’ve achieved recently and express your pride. 


2. Take over

You know the coupons you used to make mom for Mother’s Day? Ramp it up a notch. Instead of promising to load the dishwasher, take over something that will really pay dividends–agree to find the kid’s summer camps, handle the weekly grocery shopping, or finally finish that long-awaited project. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 


3. Implement a new tradition 

Maybe you take the kids for a playdate at the park on Valentines Day. Maybe its the night you take over cooking.Maybe you make a date of watching a cheese rom-com and eating pizza on the floor. Something to shake it up without breaking the bank. 


4. Enlist the kid

Have your kids write ten things they love about your spouse. Search Pinterest for cute crafts or ways to use handprints. Taking the time to create something with your kids is an act of love itself and certainly something your spouse will appreciate. 


5. Babysitting

Okay, so admittedly this is not always free but you can get one hour free with the coupon CUPID! Just log onto platinumsitters.com and pick your date night! You will be matched with qualified sitters in your area. The rest of the date can be totally free–make some coffee at home and stroll your local bookstore, check your local library for free lectures on fun topics or simply spend some time together doing your regular errands–its always nice to mix it  up!


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