Reasons My Toddler is Crying

Kids are crazy, man. And nothing is crazier than a toddler with a limited grasp on the english language and absolutely no impulse control. So, now presenting Ten Reasons My Toddler is Crying

crying child, depression and sadness

  1. She asked for a cheese stick so I took the wrapper off. I TOOK THE WRAPPER OFF.
  2. I am trying to change her diaper. She would prefer to keep her dirty diaper on.
  3. She wants to jump head first off the back of the couch. 
  4. I am peeing and won’t hold her in the process. 
  5. She threw her milk cup in frustration. She wants her milk cup. 
  6. I wouldn’t let her lick the cart handle. 
  7. I won’t give her a sip of my freshly brewed, piping hot coffee. 
  8. She can’t pet the dog on TV. 
  9. Frozen waffles have to be cooked before consumed. 
  10. I insist she buckle her car seat straps. Every. Single. Time.


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