Maintaining Sanity: Social Distancing with Young Kids

These are strange times–recent world events have impacted our daily habits and schedules in ways no one could have forseen. And now, staring down several weeks of quarantine with your family can feel overwhelming. But, we have ideas. 


Learn something new

Que up YouTube for something productive. Look up videos on how to draw animals, finger knitting or kid’s yoga. This is a fun, easy way to pass a half an hour for free! 


Travel to a check out a museum 

Yes, travel–virtually! Let your kids scope out art and culture in various locales. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum are two that host online tours. You can also use Google Arts & Culture for walk-throughs of dozens of international museums.


Use those free resources

Your first web search should be for your local library. They have tons of of online resources, including access to audio and e-books. Next, check out your child’s school webpage. Likely, their school pays for access to various learning platforms. If all else fails, try this resource. 


Other Goose

Want to take that learning one step further? Other Goose is providing three free weeks of access to their online homeschool curriculum. Their site places an emphasis on play and structure. 


Talk a Walk–but make it fun

Some sort of daily outside time is going to be imperative for everyone in the coming weeks. Try a nature trail, explore new routes in your neighborhood, play “red light, green light” or “eye spy” as you walk. Pack a lunch for a picnic down the street. Draw a map of your neighborhood when you get back. Keep it fresh!



We typically FaceTime grandparents but reach out to those you would normally see in person. Schedule a “Facetime Playdate” with a preschool friend and let them show each other their rooms. FaceTime with aunts and uncles who can show off different cities. Call up your college bestie and let your kids play twenty questions. 



Lastly, shed the mom guilt and try to make the best of it. Enjoy the extra cookie, play the movie, nap when the kids nap, let them make the mess. Just like this situation won’t last forever, neither does childhood. Make those treasured memories–and also give yourself some grace. You’re doing great! 


Here at PlatinumSitters, we value family and kids. We know how important it is to keep them safe and so we are taking extra precautions to ensure our sitters know proper CDC guidelines and are not reporting to work if they are sick. We are passing along extra ways to keep kids engaged without taking them to parks and public places and most of all, we are still here. If you’re a parent who needs to work or has another need for childcare–please reach out. 


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