The “new normal.” Day In the Life of a Work-From-Home Mom

6:00 am –Open eyes to the sound of your toddler yelling “EEEEEAT!”. Wonder what day it is. Realize that no longer matters. 


6:15 am — Shove yogurt at the toddler and fumble through making coffee. How are we so tired when we go nowhere?


6.30 am –Despite all of those online schedules that imply meal time lasts an hour, its over and now you are scrapping breakfast off the table while the toddler watched Frozen for the 48th time…this week. 


7:00 am –Check email. So many emails. Converse with spouse about who has a Zoom call and at what time. Debate over who needs more quiet time. 


7:15 am –While you chose to have a conversation with your spouse, the toddler has upended the container of Duplos and is now chasing the dog. 


7:30 am– Morale is dipping. Head outside for some chalk and bubbles. Exchange weary looks with your neighbor as they pass by walking their dog. Here we go again!


9:00 am — Decide to take a walk. Try to maintain balance between walking as far as you can humanly handle while also not going so far from home that you’re stuck out with a toddler who has to pee, refuses to stay in the stroller or insists on picking up trash. 


11:00– Lunchtime! You made it! Lunchtime is the gateway to nap time. PB & J with a side of justification that they’d eat no better at school. 


12:00– Ahh, naptime. This used to be your weekend break but now its your daily chance to cram 8 hours of work into an hour and a half. This is so daunting that you spend the first 45 minutes blissfully staring into space while no one touches you. 


2:00– Toddler is up. You unwrap one of the many items you panic-bought on Amazon. You basically have  a treasure chest in your hall closet now with the hopes of buying another hour to work. 


3:00– Toys and Frozen have lost their appeal. Your house is a total disaster and the idea of cooking dinner AGAIN is looming. Time for walk #2! Even the dog is tired of walking. 


4:00–Time to start dinner prep. In an effort to assuage some Mom guilt from all of that TV time earlier, you invite the toddler to help with dinner. 


4:05– Lose patience with your helper. Turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 


5:00–Dinner time. Conversation is hard to come by–I’d tell you about my day but like…you were here. 


5:30– Fight over  who gets to do this dishes as this is now classified as “alone time” while the other spouse entertains the kids. 


6:00- Back outside to burn off some more energy. Soccer, cartwheels, tag. All the classics!


7:00– Baths! Pour a glass of wine and enjoy your thirty minutes of contained entertainment. 

7:30–Kids in bed. Sit side by side with spouse while you both try to wrap up your nonexistent work day. 


9:00–Get in bed. Scroll social media to see that every single person you know did the exact same thing as you. Realize everyone is essentially the same and vow to remember this when life resumes. 


10:00–Fall asleep watching The Office for the 38th time because desperate times call for soothing sitcoms and the news is absolutely off limits. 
So, what does your day look like? Comment below to share!

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