Dating your Spouse–at Home

The social distancing that has become our new norm can take its toll in a lot of ways. We are all working from home, trying to implement “virtual learning” and trying to tackle the mountain of dishes that accumulates from cooking 78 meals a day. Its amazing just how exhausting it is to…go nowhere. One of the conversations that as begun amongst my girlfriends and I is how it feels like theres nothing left to say to our spouses at the end of the day–I know what you did…I was here, too. However, more than ever, it is so important to be intentional with your relationship. Here are a few tips for dating your spouse from home:

Canva - Young Couple Relaxing in Bed at Home

  1. Pencil in your Date

Add it to your google calendar alongside your 400 Zoom calls. Make it official, otherwise the Groundhog Day-esque feel to each day somehow gets us all to 9 pm before we even realize it. 


  1. No Phones

This is the song as old as time but more than ever, it really matters. Put your phones in the other room and really disconnect from the endless stream of bad news and social media opinions. 


  1. Plan an activity

Plan to play a game or tackle a small project together. The night will feel no different if you’re staring into the abyss that is Netflix. It’s about elevating this experience. 


  1. Get dressed

I know, sweatpants are the new suit. Let’s up our game for one night, shall we? It seems utterly ridiculous but go through your usual process–the hair, the makeup, maybe even the heels? Honestly, its fun to rememeber what getting dressed up feels like. 


  1. Change the scenery

If you always hang on the couch after bedtime, don’t host your date there. Play your game at the kitchen table, play darts in the garage, have wine on the porch. Actually “go somewhere” and appreciate a new aspect of your abode together. 


  1. Avoid Complaining

This is the hardest one but I am certain, if you’re like me, you’ve already aired your grievances about how much this situation stinks at multiple points during the day. Use this hour with your spouse to make plans, reminisce on better times, or just talk about the common interests that brought you together–there’s a ton of new books, movies and tv shows out there these days!


There is no doubt that the world is changing–and it’s HARD. Building in some date time with your spouse will go a long way to establishing a feeling of normal. And, when the time comes, we will be here to help you find a great sitter so that you can leave the house in those heels. We can’t wait. #wegotya


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