Camp is Cancelled–Now What?

The current pandemic has changed the landscape of virtually every thing we do. Not only have schools shuttered for the year but now many summer camps have made the tough decision to close as well. This leaves working parents, who depend on summer camps as childcare, in a lurch. Especially because under the various phases, if all goes well, many business will reopen–and many parents will return to work.

This is where PlatinumSitters can help! Whether you remain a work-from-home employee or are headed back to the office, we can send you a recurrent sitter who can not only “babysit” but provide engaging activities to help keep your kids active and learning during the summer months. 

Our sitters are vetted via background checks, reference checks and interviews with our PlatinumSitter staff. Additionally, we are talking to our sitters about additional safety precautions–correct hand washing and sanitizing techniques, staying home when ill and maintaining social distancing when in public. We also give you the opportunity to state your preferences during the hiring process so you can make sure whoever is coming to your home knows and abides by your expectations!

Many of our sitters are college students who have graduated (some earlier than expected) from college or high school. Some are child care providers furloughed from other positions or looking to supplement income while they wait for the things to return to normal. In such an unknown time, there is actually a bright spot–there are energetic, experienced child care workers who would love to help ease your workload this summer. 

We offer one time, full-time or part-time placement. Please contact for more information. #wegotya

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