15 Ways I Angered My Toddler

I was inspired by a friend’s recent Facebook post about how enraged his toddler gets about being safely strapped in her car seat. Here are 15 ways I have recently angered my toddler:

  1. I opened her breakfast bar completely instead of opening it half way and folding back the wrapper.
  2. I folded back her banana peel instead of peeling the banana completely.
  3. I would not let her touch a dead frog.
  4. I took a bite of my own breakfast.
  5. I offered her a bite of my breakfast.
  6. I tried to help her put on her shoes.
  7. I suggested there is a correct shoe for each foot.
  8. I put a bow in her hair.
  9. I immediately took the bow out of her hair.
  10. I put her down when she wanted to be picked up.
  11. I picked her up when she wanted down.
  12. I failed to intervene before the dog’s tail brushed her shoulder.
  13. I suggested carrying my hot coffee around was beyond her skill set.
  14. I won’t let her turn on the stove.
  15. I let her choose her own snack thus allowing her to choose incorrectly.

What we learned here is that sometimes toddlers are crazy. But we can all get a little crazy, right? Our sitters are well versed in navigating the ups and downs of toddlers, babies and teens–and we have vetted them to be sure you can trust them. #wegotya

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