Why In-Person Instruction is Important–and How We Can Help

The vibe is different this year. Instead of staring down our calendars in mid-July, wondering when the kids will go back to school for our sanity, we are staring down the calendar–wringing our hands, wondering what the plan is and what is best for our family. 

It is undoubtedly a lot. And if the virtual learning from the spring taught us anything, it is that every family and circumstance is different. Every child learns differently. And for most, in-person instruction is best for a variety of reasons. 

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We tend to want to work for and please those we care about, trust and have something in common with. This is why teachers who work to connect with their students produce such fantastic results. When someone is really cheering you on, sincerely, it makes a world of difference. 

Real-time Feedback 

When you are bent in frustration over a new concept in math, it is far from helpful to have to wait all afternoon for “office hours”. Often, students forget where they left off or can’t get the one-on-one explanation they need. 


Teachers keep things moving at the pace they’re intended to be done. Imagine doing problems 1-5 over the course of an hour, only to realize you still have 6-20 to go. A teacher can help pace the work in a way that makes sense, skipping over what you’ve mastered and lingering longer on what is a challenge. 

Real-World Experience

There is something about interacting with other adults that is invaluable. Students need to learn to take feedback and instruction from other trusting adults. It helps them to navigate their place in the world in a way that isolation at home just can’t mimic. Even one other guiding force can help create a dynamic where they learn from others and about themselves. 

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At Platinumsitters, we recognize that things are uncertain right now. Some parents will need to keep their kids in virtual environments regardless of the governor’s decision. We are working to match families with experienced sitters who have educational backgrounds so that they can play an active role in virtual learning–and relieve some of the burden for you as you try to also work remotely or return to the office. Rates start at $25/hour and we would love to consult with you about your family’s needs. Simply email hello@platinumsitters.com for more information. 


Back-to-school may be different this year but as always, #wegotya.

Back-to-school may be different this year but as always, #wegotya.

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