5 reasons that Halloween 2020 could be our best yet

Everything about 2020 has been an actual dumpster fire but I think we can redeem ourselves next month. Here’s why:

  1. Halloween is on a Saturday. 

This is a big deal. No rushing home after school and work to try to get kids to eat a decent meal and get their faces painted before 9 pm. You can say yes to one more house, let them eat some extra candy, and have a drink on your stroll. Sunday is the perfect Halloween hangover day. 

  1. Masks are like, a thing, now. 

If there was every a time to encourage your kid to cover their face, its 2020! 

  1. We get to see one another, safely. 

I don’t know about you but I am super excited to just see some friendly faces outside of my own home, even if it means someone is chucking a reese’s at me from 6 feet away. Doing something that feels normal and gives a sense of community but that is also deemed a safe social practice is the holy grail of 2020 events. 

  1. We finally get to say yes.

Easter Egg Hunts–cancelled. Fireworks–cancelled. Birthday parties–cancelled. But Halloween?!? Yes. We are doing it, kids. Pick your most outrageous costume fantasy–yes. Have 45 pieces of candy–yes. Carve Blippi into the pumpkin–yes. YES!

  1. We cannot be scared. 

Bring on the tricks, ya’ll. We have seen it all in 2020 and no zombie apocalypse is going to phase us now. The ghouls and ghosts, goblins and witches are all just quaint little cherries on the 2020 sundae. Spooky season, we are here for you!

Hopefully this season of celebration will revive us as we head into the big holidays of 2020. It can renew our sense of community and excitement about the mundane. I, for one, have never been more excited to wrangle a toddler into a costume. 

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