A day in the life of a virtual learner

Back in March, the idea of virtual learning was such an anomaly with its newfangled platforms and vocabulary–Zoom, Canvas, DyKnow–and we all thanked our lucky stars it was just a temporary….

….wait. we. are. still. here. 

And now, we are all kind of pros, right? Settled in after nine long months of zooming and chatting and hitting submit. Let’s take a look at a day in the life of a virtual learner, shall we?

8:00 am— Rise and shine. Mama is here and there is no reason I shouldn’t get a full service meal despite the fact that I have lived on cafeteria cereal and milk for the past five years. Bring on the pancakes!

8:30 am— Time to log into Zoom. Mrs. Brown is wearing an elaborate holiday theme complete with a snowy virtual background.

8:35 am— Boooooored. Maybe I can fasten a zipline for the elf out of notebook paper and paper clips. 

9:00 am — Busted by mom for being off task while hanging upside down in my chair. 

9:30 am –Break time! After complaining all morning about not wanting to stare at the computer screen, I beg to stare at the iPad screen. Denied. Off to play Legos. 

10:15 am— Back at it. I sneak snacks during Zoom with the camera off and get peanut butter on the keys. 

10:30 am— Time for math homework. Mom says to practice fractions with baking. So I throw flour everywhere and forget to submit my assignment while she’s on a work call. 

12:00 pm— Lunch time. I may have pushed mom “over the edge”, as dad says because she says we need to “go for a drive”. Works for me–Chick-fil-A!

12:30 pm — Small group time on Zoom. I tell my teacher all about how my moms underwear goes up her butt and I don’t know how that’s comfy. Mom looks mad. 

1:00 pm — Read aloud time! This is my favorite part of the day. I sit captivated by the story for 26 seconds. Then I have to pee. Then I am thirsty. Then I need a snack. 

1:30 pm— Schools over. “Outside unless you’re bleeding!”, mom says. 

Man, virtual learning is so fun! It’s amazing I ever sat at my desk all day long at school before now!

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