10 Ways to Beat the Boredom

It feels like we have been battling boredom for…well, almost a year. It’s a long time and with the cold, often rainy weather, things are that much harder to keep interesting. Here are ten great ideas for you –or your sitter–to use to pass the time with your kids!

  1. Learn to Code — There are tons of great websites that help kids learn to code, as well as fun informational toys with a similar objective. Try Scratch or Swift Playground for some screen time you can feel good about. We also love this Code and Go mouse for a non-tech version.

2. Create Sugar Cube Igloos— We love this idea from Mommy Poppins! It works with a ton of ages and you can incorporate science or math lessons.

3. Doodle with Mo Willems— These fun videos feature author Mo Willems are a great way to exercise your creative muscle. He is super entertaining–after all, he brought us Piggie and Pigeon!

LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems | Various locations | Things to do in New  York Kids

4. Bubble Foam— All you need is some tear-free soap and food dye (you could technically even skip this part) for this awesome idea from Busy Toddler. Use your hand mixer to create voluminous foam, throw the kiddos in the bath and enjoy your quiet time. Add in Barbie’s, Legos or other toys to increase the fun. Bonus: run a bath with the foam entertainment runs out and you have a pretty colored bath–and something new to pass the time!

5. Perler Beads— Looking for an inexpensive way to mix it up? Remember Perler beads? A longtime childhood favorite, these are fairly mess free and fun for all ages!

10 Easy Perler Bead Food Keychains and Magnets - YouTube

6. Build a Fort — This is a time honored, bored at home tradition. Throw all your extra pillows and blankets at your kiddos and let them go to town. Bonus points if you can give them some clips or rubber bands to create extra secure attachments. Add in flashlights or glow sticks for really fun hideout!

Reading, Bed, Flashlight, Book, Read, Learn, Page

7. Bake something! — Early on in the pandemic, it seems everyone was making bread. Get back to it! Now that the weather is colder, pair your fresh baked bread with soup or make some cookies for a cozy treat.

Baking, Children, Cooking, Education, Grandparents

8. Yoga— Need some Zen? A favorite for young kids is Cosmic Kids’ Yoga. It is a great way to pass thirty minutes and get everyone moving.

Watch Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures | Prime Video

9. Scavenger Hunts— If you’re looking for a way to keep kids moving and use their brains, try a scavenger hunt! We love this list of indoor/outdoor hunts by Good Housekeeping!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Indoor Scavenger Hunt

10. Write a Letter — Encourage your kids to write a letter, make a card or draw a picture for nursing home residents, first responders or anyone else who may need a pick me up! Its a great way to practice their writing skills and brighten someone’s day!

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