5 Heart-shaped Treats for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! We know this Valentine’s Day will look different–that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! If you’re looking for some Covid-safe ways to celebrate with your kids, it’s likely they will involve food. Here are some fun ways to add a little “heart” to your Valentine’s Day meal.


Yeah, yeah its less pizza this way. But, its more fun! This is one way to ensure a stress free meal and support local restaurants who need the business!


Easy to cut, and sometimes naturally heart shaped (we see you, strawberries!), these are fun twist on a typical kid snack. The skewers make them easy to hold!


There’s still time to Amazon prime a heart shaped cookie cutter! What kid doesn’t love baking cookies? Plus, the holiday is all about something sweet!

Cinnamon Rolls

Just pop a can, pinch into shape and bake to make Valentine’s Day breakfast a breeze! If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can follow this homemade version from Poppies at Play.

Peek-A-Boo Pound Cake

Love an element of surprise? This hidden heart pound cake is a really cool dessert to serve on Valentine’s Day!

Heart-Shaped Egg in a Hole

Want to start breakfast off on a loving, but protein-filled, note this Valentine’s Day? Use that cookie cutter to create a heart-shaped vessel for everyone’s eggs. Bonus points if you shape the bacon into a heart too!

egg in a heart shaped hole | 25+ Heart Shaped Foods

10 Ways to Beat the Boredom

It feels like we have been battling boredom for…well, almost a year. It’s a long time and with the cold, often rainy weather, things are that much harder to keep interesting. Here are ten great ideas for you –or your sitter–to use to pass the time with your kids!

  1. Learn to Code — There are tons of great websites that help kids learn to code, as well as fun informational toys with a similar objective. Try Scratch or Swift Playground for some screen time you can feel good about. We also love this Code and Go mouse for a non-tech version.

2. Create Sugar Cube Igloos— We love this idea from Mommy Poppins! It works with a ton of ages and you can incorporate science or math lessons.

3. Doodle with Mo Willems— These fun videos feature author Mo Willems are a great way to exercise your creative muscle. He is super entertaining–after all, he brought us Piggie and Pigeon!

LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems | Various locations | Things to do in New  York Kids

4. Bubble Foam— All you need is some tear-free soap and food dye (you could technically even skip this part) for this awesome idea from Busy Toddler. Use your hand mixer to create voluminous foam, throw the kiddos in the bath and enjoy your quiet time. Add in Barbie’s, Legos or other toys to increase the fun. Bonus: run a bath with the foam entertainment runs out and you have a pretty colored bath–and something new to pass the time!

5. Perler Beads— Looking for an inexpensive way to mix it up? Remember Perler beads? A longtime childhood favorite, these are fairly mess free and fun for all ages!

10 Easy Perler Bead Food Keychains and Magnets - YouTube

6. Build a Fort — This is a time honored, bored at home tradition. Throw all your extra pillows and blankets at your kiddos and let them go to town. Bonus points if you can give them some clips or rubber bands to create extra secure attachments. Add in flashlights or glow sticks for really fun hideout!

Reading, Bed, Flashlight, Book, Read, Learn, Page

7. Bake something! — Early on in the pandemic, it seems everyone was making bread. Get back to it! Now that the weather is colder, pair your fresh baked bread with soup or make some cookies for a cozy treat.

Baking, Children, Cooking, Education, Grandparents

8. Yoga— Need some Zen? A favorite for young kids is Cosmic Kids’ Yoga. It is a great way to pass thirty minutes and get everyone moving.

Watch Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures | Prime Video

9. Scavenger Hunts— If you’re looking for a way to keep kids moving and use their brains, try a scavenger hunt! We love this list of indoor/outdoor hunts by Good Housekeeping!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Indoor Scavenger Hunt

10. Write a Letter — Encourage your kids to write a letter, make a card or draw a picture for nursing home residents, first responders or anyone else who may need a pick me up! Its a great way to practice their writing skills and brighten someone’s day!

Child, Kid, Play, Study, Color, Learn, Knowledge

A day in the life of a virtual learner

Back in March, the idea of virtual learning was such an anomaly with its newfangled platforms and vocabulary–Zoom, Canvas, DyKnow–and we all thanked our lucky stars it was just a temporary….

….wait. we. are. still. here. 

And now, we are all kind of pros, right? Settled in after nine long months of zooming and chatting and hitting submit. Let’s take a look at a day in the life of a virtual learner, shall we?

8:00 am— Rise and shine. Mama is here and there is no reason I shouldn’t get a full service meal despite the fact that I have lived on cafeteria cereal and milk for the past five years. Bring on the pancakes!

8:30 am— Time to log into Zoom. Mrs. Brown is wearing an elaborate holiday theme complete with a snowy virtual background.

8:35 am— Boooooored. Maybe I can fasten a zipline for the elf out of notebook paper and paper clips. 

9:00 am — Busted by mom for being off task while hanging upside down in my chair. 

9:30 am –Break time! After complaining all morning about not wanting to stare at the computer screen, I beg to stare at the iPad screen. Denied. Off to play Legos. 

10:15 am— Back at it. I sneak snacks during Zoom with the camera off and get peanut butter on the keys. 

10:30 am— Time for math homework. Mom says to practice fractions with baking. So I throw flour everywhere and forget to submit my assignment while she’s on a work call. 

12:00 pm— Lunch time. I may have pushed mom “over the edge”, as dad says because she says we need to “go for a drive”. Works for me–Chick-fil-A!

12:30 pm — Small group time on Zoom. I tell my teacher all about how my moms underwear goes up her butt and I don’t know how that’s comfy. Mom looks mad. 

1:00 pm — Read aloud time! This is my favorite part of the day. I sit captivated by the story for 26 seconds. Then I have to pee. Then I am thirsty. Then I need a snack. 

1:30 pm— Schools over. “Outside unless you’re bleeding!”, mom says. 

Man, virtual learning is so fun! It’s amazing I ever sat at my desk all day long at school before now!

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! But know that we can help, too. Check out http://www.platinumsitters.com for information on finding someone to help with virtual learning, date nights, and more!

The Art of a Mental Health Day

We talk a lot about self-care and taking time for ourselves but putting that into practice is kind of a science. In the past, I have worked to carve out time for myself only to self-sabatoge and end up cleaning, doing laundry or paying bills during my time “off”. Earlier this week, I decided I needed a true mental health day and I made it happen! Here is what works:

  1. Get out of the house

I know this is particularly hard right now but I find that if I stay home, even if I am alone, I end up worrying about my house or other chores and I don’t truly unwind. This time, I scheduled a massage for right after I dropped my girls off at school. This meant no time to go home and gave me something to look forward to. 

  1. Set a budget

I tend to shy away from spending money on myself and so when I do have time alone, I don’t do anything because I feel guilty! That is ridiculous–and this time around, I told myself I was going to spend X dollars throughout the day. That meant freedom to get coffee, hit HomeGoods and buy lunch–without feeling bad. 

  1. Don’t check in

I tend to be a hoverer when it comes to letting others care for my kids. I call or text frequently and this snaps me out of relaxation mode. For my mental health day, I told myself I was going to stay off my phone and that if someone needed me, they’d call. It made a HUGE difference in my day. 

  1. Set your evening up for success, too

Nothing unwinds a good mental health day like coming home to dinner to cook and a house to clean. I planned on doing takeout and picked it up on my way in. I made a mental note to overlook any messes and gave myself permission to set aside house work until the next day. Just mentally prepping myself for what I might walk into–and warding off some of it with takeout–really helped keep the peaceful feeling I worked so hard to earn. 

Right now, things are hard and you’re more strapped than even. Taking a mental health day really did change the trajectory of my week and being intentional about the planning and execution made it truly effective. Make the time to to do it! –and if you need a sitter? #wegotya

5 reasons that Halloween 2020 could be our best yet

Everything about 2020 has been an actual dumpster fire but I think we can redeem ourselves next month. Here’s why:

  1. Halloween is on a Saturday. 

This is a big deal. No rushing home after school and work to try to get kids to eat a decent meal and get their faces painted before 9 pm. You can say yes to one more house, let them eat some extra candy, and have a drink on your stroll. Sunday is the perfect Halloween hangover day. 

  1. Masks are like, a thing, now. 

If there was every a time to encourage your kid to cover their face, its 2020! 

  1. We get to see one another, safely. 

I don’t know about you but I am super excited to just see some friendly faces outside of my own home, even if it means someone is chucking a reese’s at me from 6 feet away. Doing something that feels normal and gives a sense of community but that is also deemed a safe social practice is the holy grail of 2020 events. 

  1. We finally get to say yes.

Easter Egg Hunts–cancelled. Fireworks–cancelled. Birthday parties–cancelled. But Halloween?!? Yes. We are doing it, kids. Pick your most outrageous costume fantasy–yes. Have 45 pieces of candy–yes. Carve Blippi into the pumpkin–yes. YES!

  1. We cannot be scared. 

Bring on the tricks, ya’ll. We have seen it all in 2020 and no zombie apocalypse is going to phase us now. The ghouls and ghosts, goblins and witches are all just quaint little cherries on the 2020 sundae. Spooky season, we are here for you!

Hopefully this season of celebration will revive us as we head into the big holidays of 2020. It can renew our sense of community and excitement about the mundane. I, for one, have never been more excited to wrangle a toddler into a costume. 

Why In-Person Instruction is Important–and How We Can Help

The vibe is different this year. Instead of staring down our calendars in mid-July, wondering when the kids will go back to school for our sanity, we are staring down the calendar–wringing our hands, wondering what the plan is and what is best for our family. 

It is undoubtedly a lot. And if the virtual learning from the spring taught us anything, it is that every family and circumstance is different. Every child learns differently. And for most, in-person instruction is best for a variety of reasons. 

Young student doing homework at home with school books, newspaper and digital pad helped by his mother. Mum writing on the copybook teaching his son. Education, family lifestyle, homeschooling concept


We tend to want to work for and please those we care about, trust and have something in common with. This is why teachers who work to connect with their students produce such fantastic results. When someone is really cheering you on, sincerely, it makes a world of difference. 

Real-time Feedback 

When you are bent in frustration over a new concept in math, it is far from helpful to have to wait all afternoon for “office hours”. Often, students forget where they left off or can’t get the one-on-one explanation they need. 


Teachers keep things moving at the pace they’re intended to be done. Imagine doing problems 1-5 over the course of an hour, only to realize you still have 6-20 to go. A teacher can help pace the work in a way that makes sense, skipping over what you’ve mastered and lingering longer on what is a challenge. 

Real-World Experience

There is something about interacting with other adults that is invaluable. Students need to learn to take feedback and instruction from other trusting adults. It helps them to navigate their place in the world in a way that isolation at home just can’t mimic. Even one other guiding force can help create a dynamic where they learn from others and about themselves. 

Mother and child doing homeschooling, e-learning at home

At Platinumsitters, we recognize that things are uncertain right now. Some parents will need to keep their kids in virtual environments regardless of the governor’s decision. We are working to match families with experienced sitters who have educational backgrounds so that they can play an active role in virtual learning–and relieve some of the burden for you as you try to also work remotely or return to the office. Rates start at $25/hour and we would love to consult with you about your family’s needs. Simply email hello@platinumsitters.com for more information. 


Back-to-school may be different this year but as always, #wegotya.

Back-to-school may be different this year but as always, #wegotya.

Our New Site!

Have you checked out the amazing new look that launched over atPlatinumSitters.comlast week?!

We are so excited to unveil a look that is a fresh and fun as our team of trusted sitters and community managers.

Booking is easier than ever — just tell us a little about your family, your babysitting needs–is this a one time thing, someone you will need occasionally, or do you need someone for an event/wedding–and our system will do the work for you!

We are working hard each day to ensure we are hiring the best sitters out their–people who love children, are engaging and fun, and who meet the highest standard of professionalism. Now, more than ever, we want to make sure you feel comfortable with someone coming to your home to care for your children.

So, take a minute and check out the new site! Reach out to us if you have any questions: hello@platinumsitters.com

Most importantly, let childcare become something that simplifies and streamlines your life. #wegotya


15 Ways I Angered My Toddler

I was inspired by a friend’s recent Facebook post about how enraged his toddler gets about being safely strapped in her car seat. Here are 15 ways I have recently angered my toddler:

  1. I opened her breakfast bar completely instead of opening it half way and folding back the wrapper.
  2. I folded back her banana peel instead of peeling the banana completely.
  3. I would not let her touch a dead frog.
  4. I took a bite of my own breakfast.
  5. I offered her a bite of my breakfast.
  6. I tried to help her put on her shoes.
  7. I suggested there is a correct shoe for each foot.
  8. I put a bow in her hair.
  9. I immediately took the bow out of her hair.
  10. I put her down when she wanted to be picked up.
  11. I picked her up when she wanted down.
  12. I failed to intervene before the dog’s tail brushed her shoulder.
  13. I suggested carrying my hot coffee around was beyond her skill set.
  14. I won’t let her turn on the stove.
  15. I let her choose her own snack thus allowing her to choose incorrectly.

What we learned here is that sometimes toddlers are crazy. But we can all get a little crazy, right? Our sitters are well versed in navigating the ups and downs of toddlers, babies and teens–and we have vetted them to be sure you can trust them. #wegotya

Camp is Cancelled–Now What?

The current pandemic has changed the landscape of virtually every thing we do. Not only have schools shuttered for the year but now many summer camps have made the tough decision to close as well. This leaves working parents, who depend on summer camps as childcare, in a lurch. Especially because under the various phases, if all goes well, many business will reopen–and many parents will return to work.

This is where PlatinumSitters can help! Whether you remain a work-from-home employee or are headed back to the office, we can send you a recurrent sitter who can not only “babysit” but provide engaging activities to help keep your kids active and learning during the summer months. 

Our sitters are vetted via background checks, reference checks and interviews with our PlatinumSitter staff. Additionally, we are talking to our sitters about additional safety precautions–correct hand washing and sanitizing techniques, staying home when ill and maintaining social distancing when in public. We also give you the opportunity to state your preferences during the hiring process so you can make sure whoever is coming to your home knows and abides by your expectations!

Many of our sitters are college students who have graduated (some earlier than expected) from college or high school. Some are child care providers furloughed from other positions or looking to supplement income while they wait for the things to return to normal. In such an unknown time, there is actually a bright spot–there are energetic, experienced child care workers who would love to help ease your workload this summer. 

We offer one time, full-time or part-time placement. Please contact hello@platinumsitters.com for more information. #wegotya

Dating your Spouse–at Home

The social distancing that has become our new norm can take its toll in a lot of ways. We are all working from home, trying to implement “virtual learning” and trying to tackle the mountain of dishes that accumulates from cooking 78 meals a day. Its amazing just how exhausting it is to…go nowhere. One of the conversations that as begun amongst my girlfriends and I is how it feels like theres nothing left to say to our spouses at the end of the day–I know what you did…I was here, too. However, more than ever, it is so important to be intentional with your relationship. Here are a few tips for dating your spouse from home:

Canva - Young Couple Relaxing in Bed at Home

  1. Pencil in your Date

Add it to your google calendar alongside your 400 Zoom calls. Make it official, otherwise the Groundhog Day-esque feel to each day somehow gets us all to 9 pm before we even realize it. 


  1. No Phones

This is the song as old as time but more than ever, it really matters. Put your phones in the other room and really disconnect from the endless stream of bad news and social media opinions. 


  1. Plan an activity

Plan to play a game or tackle a small project together. The night will feel no different if you’re staring into the abyss that is Netflix. It’s about elevating this experience. 


  1. Get dressed

I know, sweatpants are the new suit. Let’s up our game for one night, shall we? It seems utterly ridiculous but go through your usual process–the hair, the makeup, maybe even the heels? Honestly, its fun to rememeber what getting dressed up feels like. 


  1. Change the scenery

If you always hang on the couch after bedtime, don’t host your date there. Play your game at the kitchen table, play darts in the garage, have wine on the porch. Actually “go somewhere” and appreciate a new aspect of your abode together. 


  1. Avoid Complaining

This is the hardest one but I am certain, if you’re like me, you’ve already aired your grievances about how much this situation stinks at multiple points during the day. Use this hour with your spouse to make plans, reminisce on better times, or just talk about the common interests that brought you together–there’s a ton of new books, movies and tv shows out there these days!


There is no doubt that the world is changing–and it’s HARD. Building in some date time with your spouse will go a long way to establishing a feeling of normal. And, when the time comes, we will be here to help you find a great sitter so that you can leave the house in those heels. We can’t wait. #wegotya